AIIT is a proud exhibitor at American College of Toxicology's 38th Annual Meeting!

ACT's Annual Meeting is a highly reputed international platform for toxicology and pathology professionals to collaborate and share their latest innovations and expertise. As an IT company that has developed product offerings in the medical imaging domain, we look forward to meeting industry experts and showcase our latest technologies.

We invite all participants and co-exhibitors to visit us at Booth 302. TeamAIIT is enthusiastic to present our extensive research based futuristic solutions for digital pathology.

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Tijo Thomas showcasing our work on Testicular Staging with Dr Harry Ruan and Umesh Shanghvi

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Our Digital Imaging solutions:

Whole Slide Imaging Management System (WSIMS) - a complete image acquisition, archival and retrieval solution for digitized tissue slides

Image Analysis and Decision Support System (iADSS) - an intelligent image analysis engine that classifies digitized animal tissue slides as Normal and Not Normal

Our automated solutions for preclinical toxicology:

  • Testicular Staging
  • Tissue slide classification
  • Pancreatic islet detection
Exhibitor Hosted Program
Artificial Intelligence in Testicular Staging

Speaker: Dr. Harry Ruan, Ph.D. Biomedical Science
Date: Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017
Time: 12:00 Noon - 12:55 PM
Room: Mesquite B
ACT's 38th Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Palm Springs, California

Visit us at Booth 302

Testicular Toxicology has garnered momentum owing to various factors including rise in male infertility. Histopathology of testicular tissue is the most sensitive tool to detect adverse effects on male reproductive function. Evaluating the seminiferous tubules of testes and classifying the spermatogenesis stages is a demanding and time-consuming activity.

We would be presenting an automation methodology that performs the identification of the 14 stages of rat testes in a faster, efficacious and accurate manner. Let's discuss how this amalgamation of Toxicology and Technology can create a better future for us all. Here's looking forward to an interesting information exchange with you.

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